Why Solar?

A lot of home owners looking to invest in their home often ask “Why go Solar?” Here are our favorite reasons to upgrade your home to have solar panels.

It saves you money

By generating your own power with solar, you no longer have to pay to use the power grid. Even better, over the course of their lifetime solar panels are proven to pay for themselves several times over.

Plus, if you upgrade to solar now you can take advantage of the current tax incentives!

It increased the value of your home

When you purchase solar panels for your home, your home’s value increases proportionally to the size of your system. Intelligent home buyers can see the savings and the status symbol that solar panels carry and are willing to pay more when purchasing a home.

It improves the environment

Solar panels decrease your carbon footprint. This translates to less pollution in the air and a better quality of life both for both you and your children.