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Why Solar?

EnviSmart Solar

When you upgrade your home with EnviSmart solar panels, you are taking back control of your energy.

Utilizing the abundant source of energy that is solar, you generate clean power for your home and save on your energy bills. With EnviSmart, you own your panels and benefit from your monthly savings unlike other solar providers.

How does it work?

The first step you take in upgrading your home is with a completely FREE, no obligation in home energy assessment. Once you schedule a time, a highly trained EnviSmart technician will come to your home and asses how much you can save with solar.

If you decide that solar is the right choice for you, then our experts will help you to find the right array that fits your needs, your home, and your budget. We take all the stress out of proper installation and have your new solar panels up and running in under a day. From that moment forward, you can sit back and relax as your energy bills go down and your home value increases!

Net Zero Energy Homes

With Solar Panels and other EnviSmart services, it is possible to have a Net Zero Energy Home!

How to achieve a Net Zero Energy Home

Solar panels do the bulk of the work in creating a home that is completely energy independent and emission free. At EnviSmart, we provide home automation and efficiency standards that make this possible!

How does solar work at night? As your solar panels generate energy throughout the day, it is then stored for use during the night, ensuring that your home always has clean energy available!

So is solar right for me?

In a word, “Absolutely!” Solar takes advantage of a renewable, abundant source of energy that is good the environment and good for your energy bill. The quickest way to answer this question for yourself is to schedule a free in home energy assessment with EnviSmart to learn about the impact you can have on your energy bill and the environment. After all, NASA has already gone solar, isn’t it time your home caught up with NASA?