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Join the next generation of home security with EnviSmart. With our technological integration, you gain access to real time knowledge of the safety of your home. All systems are tamper resistant and can be scaled to meet your needs.


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View live and recorded video from any smart device using our secure online portal. Toggle between cameras in real time from any location and receive alerts instantly via text or email.


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Control your garage door from wherever you are. The system will even notify you when your garage door is currently in use or has been left open.


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Automate your lights to make your empty home appear occupied deterring burglars. Installations of motion sensors around your home’s exterior and remote control of all the lights in your home improves your home’s security.


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Have complete access to and knowledge of your system regardless of where you are. Having access to real time updates is fundamental to home security.


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Our monitored smoke detectors are always on, finely tuned, and alert the fire department and you within moments of being triggered. The same software is utilized with the security system, ensuring a quick response.