Solar Attic Fans

In the pursuit of energy efficiency, proper ventilation is a key component. Solar attic fans offer one of the greatest opportunities to regulate temperatures in your home in spaces that are currently poorly ventilated. The purpose of proper solar powered ventilation is to regulate temperatures inside enclosed spaces throughout the year. Such spaces are your attic, crawl spaces, warehouses, storage areas, sheds, barns, and others.

In the summer months, our solar powered attic fans help make these areas cooler by converting passive ventilation into active ventilation. This reduces HVAC costs and cooling cycles, which in turn, saves energy and money. Our solar attic fans also help in reducing heat related damage to shingles, roof boards, siding, sheathing, and stored valuables. In winter months, our solar attic fans help maintain proper humidity in these spaces which reduces mold and mildew.

Our beautiful design is low profile and blends nicely on any type of roof. They can even be custom painted to match its surroundings. All are engineered with features that are industry defining and come with an adjustable solar panel. Our solar attic fans are engineered to perform in extreme weather with the highest grade ABS, aluminum components and all stainless steel fasteners.