Simplify your life with advanced technology. Smart plugs, smart thermostats, and smart lights all work together to achieve maximum energy efficiency. These advancements in home automation also improve your home’s security and value.

Through smartphone integration you can even remotely control your home’s alarms, locks, lights and thermostats. You can also view your security cameras in real time and toggle between various views. The system can also be made responsive so that opening a door triggers thermostats, lights and other integrated tech.

Our system can also automatically adjust based on time, schedules or your location. The system will even remind you to set your alarm and close your garage door as you leave your home. All of this remains user friendly and can be tailor made to fit your wants and needs.

Home automation on your smartphone icon

Automated Security

Ensure peace of mind with our EnviSmart security system. Autonomously protect your home from burglary and fire, and protect your family during medical emergencies.

Smart Energy Conservation

Know precisely how much power you use down to individual devices and fine tune power usage to increase efficiency. Automatic thermostats that adjust based on your location and comfort levels further ensure a decrease in your energy bill.

Mobile Applications

Take command of your home’s system from your smart phone user friendly app. With our app you can manage your door locks, garage doors, thermostats and lights. Our application works on all smart phones.


Stay informed of your home’s state through real time updates via text and email. Know and control if there are any changes to your home’s default setting regardless of where you are.