Home automation is a thrilling and growing sector that is becoming more prevalent in all home owners’ lives. As we grow closer to the internet of things, home automation will become the norm across the world.

At EnviSmart, we already specialize in home automation that improves energy efficiency, security and comfort and so we get excited when we see new innovations in the field. One of the most recent developments has been in AI and the automation of chores.

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence company that is backed by Tesla’s Elon Musk and is aiming towards making a robot that performs your household chores. They say that they were inspired by Google’s DeepMind’s victory at the board game Go.

While OpenAI will not manufacture the robot itself, they hope to develop the learning technology that will allow the robot to solve and perform tasks given by the owner. In essence, you would be able to give it a verbal command it would be able to perform said task.

The Jetsons might not be that far off if this company is indeed successful! In the meantime, have you considered other home automation options that will make your life better?