At Envismart, we not only offer solar, but intelligent/smart home solutions to help home owners with their bills and their everyday nuisances. We are going to break down some of our favorite intelligent home solutions and the problems they fix.

Problem: You left your home for a summer vacation in the hot Texas sun without remembering to turn your thermostat up or off for the duration of trip. You cringe at the thought of the money that will be wasted as your home stays cool with nobody to appreciate it.

The intelligent home solution: With a smart thermostat, your home can learn your routines, habits and optimal temperature. If you were to go out of town without changing it, it would very quickly determine that you were not home and therefore adjust the temperature accordingly.

Problem: You get to work and then panic that you may have left the stove on from making your eggs this morning.

The intelligent home solution: You simply pull out your phone and activate the smart home application. From there you can not only check to see if there is power being drawn by the stove, but also stop power to it if it is indeed on.

Problem: You have a friend coming to drop off some jewelry they borrowed from you but you had to run out of the house locking the doors. It is too valuable for them to just leave it in your mailbox or on your front door step.

The intelligent home solution: You can activate and deactivate your front door locks remotely from your mobile device. Effectively letting them into your home to drop off the package and then lock the door behind them.

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