Home automation can do absolute wonders for your energy bill and the comfort of your home. By managing your temperature and responding to various events, home automation technology greatly improves the efficiency of your home.

Home automation can also do wonders for the security of your home as well!

For example, if you go on vacation for an extended amount of time, you never want to have your home appear to be empty. To combat this, home owners will put their lights on timers to go on and off throughout the night.

However, as we learned from Home Alone, nefarious types have come to expect and look for patterns in lights that are indicative of a home being unoccupied.  This is where home automation can come into play to enhance the security of your home.

With EnviSmart home automation, you can schedule your lights to turn on and off on an organic schedule. This means that the schedule will never be set, but instead will organically change, just as if your home were occupied and your routine had changed for the evening.

You can even remotely access your home automation system and change the schedule whenever you like. This way you can rest easy knowing that your home is secure!

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