Home automation is quickly gaining traction as a necessary part of home improvement. This has sparked a significant amount of startup companies offering various home automation technologies.

Of all companies, Nest stood out as one of the best home automation options. The success of Nest was then further solidified when Google purchased them to continue to drive data driven home automation.

Since then, Google and Nest has acquired several other home automation system companies and their related technologies. One of these companies that they have acquired was Revolv and the Revolv automation system.

In a controversial move, Nest has declared that it will no longer support the Revolv system. This will go into effect in May.

Home owners are rightfully angered as this discontinuation will completely brick their system. Nest and Google have not yet responded to the outcry of these home owners.

Hopefully Nest will offer to upgrade the Revolv systems to the newest version of Nest Home Automation. This would perhaps be the smartest option for all considered.

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