Home automation and smart home technology not only makes your life easier and more eco-friendly but more secure as well. At EnviSmart, we specialize not only in security but also such automation as to improve the safety of your home and family.

There are several ways that our technology systems can help protect your home.

Say for instance that your home suddenly has a gas leak. A smart thermostat, as well as the monitoring system would detect the gas being leaked into the home and take action. It would first shut down electricity to things such as stoves so not to spark a fire. Simultaneously, it would then notify you within the home as well as via smart phone notification that there was an issue and to vacate the premise.

Another way that home automation protects your home and family can be in the case of a fire. If the system detects a fire via heat signature and smoke, it can then close down ventilation throughout the home in order to diminish the spread of toxic smoke. Additionally, it will have already contacted emergency services faster than conventional methods. As an added bonus, smart thermostats have a smoke feature that is able to differentiate between a burned casserole and a fire.

Finally, if you have an automated smart home, then there is a very good probability that you also have solar panels and solar storage. In the event of power failure to the grid, your home would remain powered from the reserves from the day. Not only would this increase your comfort but your safety as well in the event of a blackout.

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